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Surviving Cancer Twice

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Purchase the transformational new book, Succeeding Against All Odds, from Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, featuring a chapter, Survivng Cancer Twice, from Rick L. Poole, healer, entrepreneur and founder of Natural Foods Plus. This book will show you exactly how other people have succeeded in spite of very challenging circumstances. Succeeding Against All Odds uncovers the unexpected insights, advantages and blessings that can be gained when you embrace seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Welcome to Natural Foods Plus & the Juice Caboose

Natural Foods Plus is “more than a health foods store.” We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of products and services in an enjoyable environment. Our strengths are generated from our commitment to ourselves, our customers, our community and our industry.

Our purpose and mission is to add value to people’s lives. We not only provide quality products, but we also educate, agitate, and demonstrate how to make positive “lifestyle choices.” We try to live by Godly Universal Principles and Virtues. We pride ourselves with being the “pace setters,” the vanguards of the complementary health care movement.

We utilize our radio show, “Health is Wealth,” our newsletter eMagazine, the Juice Caboose, the Kangen 501 SD water machine, our cutting-edge whole food cellular supplements, and the latest technology of Premier Research Labs and Dr. Jerry Tennant’s Bio-Modulator and Transducer as mechanism for change. Educating, agitating, and demonstrating hopefully will motivate people and our society to become more responsible, and make better “lifestyle choices.”

We are “more than a health foods store.”

Natural Foods Plus
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