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Signs of a Weak Immune System

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going strong, there has been an understandable spike in interest in health — more specifically — immune health. At Natural Foods + Juice Caboose in Kettering, we are crazy about all things health and, while the circumstances surrounding the peak in interest are unfortunate, we are excited to help people learn about taking good care of their immune systems and bodies. In today’s blog at Natural Foods + Juice Caboose, our natural grocer discusses a few common signs that your immune system is weakened. Keep reading to learn more about how your body communicates a weakened immune system and get the tools you need to fight back by shopping our natural grocer in Kettering today.


Consistent Cold or Bug

This is perhaps the most obvious sign on our list, but if it seems like you are always sick, it may be time to stop and further examine the health of your immune system. A cold or two a year is perfectly normal. But, strings of seemingly never-ending colds and flu that occur four, five, or even more times per year are a strong indicator that your immune system isn’t protecting you as well as it should be.

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Length of Illness

Along the same lines of regularly being sick, pay attention to how long you are sick for. Like we mentioned, one or two colds a year is fairly standard. That is unless they are lasting more than a week at the longest. In most cases, you should feel well-rested and ready to get back into the action in as little as three days, but no longer than a week. If your colds and flu seem to last forever, further investigate your immune health as this can be a sign of a weakened immune system.

Sleepy and Sore

Even if you aren’t noticeably sick all of the time, your body may consistently ache and feel sore. On top of that, a compromised immune system can also leave you constantly feeling tired. While there are admittedly a number of factors that could contribute to you being tired and sore like a hard workout or a lack of sleep, being inexplicably tired and sore regularly could point to an immune system weakness. If you suspect your immune system is weakened, it may be worthwhile to consult your doctor. Or, at the very least, pick up some immune-boosting health supplements from your friendly neighborhood natural grocer.

Ear Infections

Another tell-tale sign you can look for if you suspect you have a weakened immune system is frequent ear infections. Technically, frequent infections of any kind can be a good sign, but ear infections are a fairly common one. Getting one ear infection throughout the year doesn’t necessarily mean you have a weakened immune system, you are just human after all. But multiple ear infections throughout the year suggests that your immune system may not be operating at peak function.

Digestive Troubles

Your stomach and digestive system play a major role in your overall immune health. The bacteria and other cultures in your stomach act as a line of defense for your body against harmful bacteria and germs. If you often have an upset stomach, diarrhea, gas, or other stomach difficulties, this may be a sign that your immune system is not in top shape. While it’s true the diet can also contribute to all of the above digestive problems, eating different foods should yield different results. Whereas if your immune system is compromised, your symptoms will remain.

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Slow-Healing Wounds

As strange as it may sound, physical wounds on your body can give you some insight into the level of functioning of your immune system. Bumps, scrapes, and small cuts should heal in a matter of days (about a week at most). If your minor scrapes and wounds are taking much longer to heal, this suggests that your immune system may be overwhelmed and unable to focus on healing your wound. While we are not telling you to injure yourself in an effort to gauge your immune system, if you have an existing wound, keep an eye on it. If it takes a notably long time to heal, consider taking action to strengthen your immune system.


Our last but not least sign of a weakened immune system is stress. While technically stress isn’t a symptom so much as it is a catalyst, it can still be considered an indicator. You have likely heard time and time again how consistently high levels of stress lead to weakened immune system response and higher odds of catching an illness. If you are concerned about your immune health, reflect on the amount of stress in your life. If your stress levels are consistently high, it is likely taking a toll on your immune system.

Fight Back With Natural Foods + Juice Caboose

Our natural grocer, Natural Foods + Juice Caboose in Kettering, hopes that you’ve found today’s blog interesting and helpful. If you are showing signs of a weakened immune system and would like some tips about how you can boost it, check out our previous blog: Tips For Boosting Immune Health. Thanks for tuning in to today’s blog, and remember, if you are looking for quality vitamins and supplements, check out our expansive selection at our natural grocer in Kettering.