What To Look For in a Juice Bar

As juicing and smoothies take center stage in today’s diet conscience era, we are overwhelmed with the number of blends and options available. Many of us choose the closest juice bar out of convenience. However, our Natural Foods + Juice Caboose team believes that a great juice bar will incorporate certain features that ensure healthy, fresh, and delicious juices. Therefore, we have put together a list to keep in mind when seeking a juice bar near you.

What’s the Menu Like?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a juice bar is the items on its menu. Although a menu with a wide variety of smoothies is brilliant, you must pay particular attention to the ingredients used. If your chosen juice bar has a menu predominantly made up of just fruit-based smoothies, then you should reconsider. This is primarily because many juice bars opt for frozen fruits with water or fruit juice, thus incorporating a higher sugar content. A great tip is to look for a menu that has veggies, nuts, and seeds as well.

Do They Have Superfoods?

Juice bars that have superfoods on their menu are going to be much healthier than others. This is because superfoods are nutritionally more dense than others. Additionally, they have a lower sugar and calorie content. This means that superfoods are a great form of health supplements that you should have in your juice or smoothie blends. For instance, berries, almond butter, acai, and sweet potatoes are great examples of superfoods.

Are They Premade or Hand-Crafted?

It is always a good idea to opt for a juice bar that makes their juices and smoothies on site. You can keep an eye on the ingredients used in handcrafted juices and smoothies. On the other hand, pre-made juices and smoothies often have certain ingredients that may not be as healthy. However, if your juice bar serves pre-made juices and smoothies, we recommend opting for cold-pressed juices and looking at the ingredient list to rule out any unhealthy items like juice concentrates.


Yes, you heard us right. It is a common misconception that juice bars do not use additives. However, many juice bars are notoriously known for adding additives to their blends to make them taste or look better. Therefore, it is crucial that users carefully check the ingredient list before placing an order. While additives may scarcely be used in hand-crafted items, users must vary pre-made blends.

Conclusion Paragraph

Although the nearest juice bar may be convenient, it may not necessarily be a healthy option. As awareness surrounding juice bars grows, many establishments have started taking their ingredient lists seriously. At Natural Foods + Juice Caboose, we believe in helping our customers achieve their ideal lifestyle with healthy supplements and a variety of natural juices and smoothies.